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DO NOT GO HERE !!! I know this may be long, however please take the time to check out!!! I do NOT advise this place at all! I recently remained in a minor automobile mishap and long story short, the other person was at fault and pled me not to go through ICBC. I chose to give the boy a break as the insurance coverage was his fathers and didn't want any trouble with him, I wished to be nice but still desired the damages to be spent for. He quickly concurred and I used him to come along to get evaluations with me so the procedure would go smoothly. I found this location and chose to provide a call, they told me to come face to face. WORST MISTAKE EVER. I got here a little earlier than the other party and requested a correct estimation to fix the damages. KEVIN came by and recommended I can either just do a quick paint task that would mask it for $50 and request for some settlement money (extra loan) or do the proper fix for $1000. I told him that I would rather have it effectively fixed as my car is on a lease and I do not really own it. I have to bring it back in 8 months in the very same condition I first got it. Fair enough right? The young male and his mom now come in and KEVIN finds them and right away begins talking to them about what we simply went over. I discovered it extremely odd that he would do that as it's not his place or his service. He then began speaking to the mother in Chinese, and the mother began making expressions at me, in addition to KEVIN. He went back and forth in English, and I clued in that he was attempting to make me look like I was going to rip them off! He began to belittle me, came off as EXTREMELY impolite, informed them he's "going to shut me up" which he was "not on my side". Kept speaking in his language and I remained in shock! Not only is it NONE OF HIS BUSINESS OR HIS PLACE, he didn't even know the circumstance to start with! That I might have easily went through ICBC and make them pay a high price but didn't, must have currently showed I was attempting to respect them. He doesn't have to select "sides" or give his 2 cents about which way to fix my vehicle, particularly to the celebration that are at fault. THAT IS NOT HIS JOB. THAT IS NOT WHY I CAME IN FOR! I came in for an estimate to PROPERLY fix the damage to my car. THATS ALL. I did not come here to get disrespected like I did. I told him how less than professional he was, how disrespectful he was, how it was wrong for him to talking the method he was and to mind his own business, this sparked an all out yelling battle with him cussing at me till I was out. I really think that if they weren't from the very same nation that none of this would have taken place. It was odd how he hurried to them to tell them something as if I was going to hide it, and to accommodate them with the utmost regard while polluting my character. In the end, all of us left and the boy and his mom was puzzled by the way he treated me and said sorry on his behalf. I'm generally a strong individual but this man brought me to the verge of tears. I've never been so disrespected in my life. KEVIN is an awful person. Unless you are Chinese, do not go here! EXTREMELY unprofessional, terribly impolite and racist!


Ace Auto Body

Been a faithful client for over 2 years. Whenever my vehicle has any nicks or dents I take it here and they offer quick and fair priced work. The owner is very good and friendly. I would and do suggest this place to everyone.


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Beto, the owner is incredible. He fixed my broken, scratched bumper and some other minor scratches on my Avalon for a VERY sensible price and it looks brand new. He is timely, professional and even shuttled me to and from his shop. I will be suggesting him highly to all that I know.

Vehicle Body Shop

Can not state enough excellent things about Ace Auto Body! From John (the owner?) who understood precisely what to search for on my vehicle at the accident location to the bearded guy, (painter?) who did an unbelievable job on the paint matching and mixing, to the stunning lady in the front workplace who I would expect to be a model rather than in an auto body shop.(household?) She was responsive and extremely prompt in regards to the insurance paperwork, and getting the adjuster to in fact reveal up and authorize the repairs. Which btw, if you have Plymouth Rock Insurance, good luck! I had a 1 week old 2016 Prius when my accident took place and can inform you that when I chose it up from Ace, it looked better than the day I bought the car. Ace did a much better information task than Boch Toyota! Haha


Mejia Auto Body Shop

The customer care and work done here at KP Autobody is excellent. Our family cars and truck got done here after it entered a small accident. The guys at KP repaired it up completely; the scratches were gone, little dents are nowhere to be seen anymore, they repaired the mirrors, and they even cleaned up the within our car. While our cars and truck remained in the store, they provided us a loaner automobile which was truly great due to the fact that my household and I still got all our errands done. The staff here is super friendly too and they make you seem like a valued client. I suggest KP to anybody!


Got a guest side door damage due to a concrete pole in my blind spot as I was backing out of an area in a parking lot. I guess that is a right of passage in Vancouver, however I wasn't delighted. It also scraped some paint off the fender. I have an old BMW in cherry condition and really desired the repair work to look ideal. I shopped around and got a couple of other estimates, and chose to opt for KP. Kevin and Luis are extremely nice and friendly, and it seemed like they were doing excellent work as I browsed their shop. They likewise have lots of fantastic reviews. I was a little anxious cause my automobile was previously painted and the color isn't precisely BMW stock, however I must state KP did a terrific job to match the existing paint. Their price had to do with 1/2 the most costly guys in the location, and Kevin had the vehicle back to me in simply a number of days. I 'd say go get some price quotes, then go to KP's and you will be happily surprised.


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I'm specific about my vehicles. Brought 2 of my automobiles for Ficarro's for paint work. Exceptional match, repair works, reassembly, cleaned and detailed - both delivered when assured. Blake and Kenny are excellent people to handle.


To be honest, I dislike going into auto stores. It's like going to the dental professional ... ouch, you understand you'll come out with a lighter wallet. If they do not hurry you out the door after they've worked on you (or your car), you will be fortunate. I enjoy that I discovered this place, thanks to Simon K. Service and workmanship are excellent. I didn't feel like I was simply another $ sign or another claim number. I felt I was dealt with professionally and friendly. Due to the fact that I had to, I came here. My automobile was damaged and Kevin, the owner, served as a consultant and a skilled repairer throughout the whole ICBC claim experience. Yes this place is ICBC recognized. Although I understand extremely little about cars not to mention car parts, Kevin patiently described to me and showed me exactly what he was going to do before laying hands on it. When I returned to select up my vehicle I might barely acknowledge her, after a few couple of days. She is glossy and new within and out. I've never seen her this excellent because the day I took her house. The repairs were done magnificently. The paint job was tidy and you can't inform exactly what damages I've done. Not a trace. The cost was affordable for the amount of labor that entered into it. I left happy and would advise to everyone who requires an excellent car body store.


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Let me tell you about Ace automobile body and the owner John and the experience I had when I brought my Nissan Murano in for body work after being hit by a truck coming out of the Tip O'Neill tunnel in Boston. Ace automobile body is a small store in Stoughton, it was a little bit out of my way but I went there on a suggestion. HANDS DOWN THIS THE BEST AUTO BODY SHOP I HAVE EVER DEALT WITH!! Over the previous 15-20 years I have been regrettable enough to need the services provided by a vehicle body shop, and each time my experience had actually been lousy! Inferior work, cheap parts and bad paint jobs! Needless to state I was a bit anxious when I went to Ace vehicle body. I satisfied John the owner and a few of his people, they arranged for a rental automobile to be there when I required one, so I left my keys and my automobile with John. Quickly thereafter in truth real quickly, something like 3 weeks I got a call telling me my automobile was done. John explained there was numerous things that were not on the original quote, and each time he found something wrong with the quote or a missed out on part he picked up the phone and called the insurance provider, he took care of everything, he handled the insurance provider who was attempting to encourage him to use lower quality parts, however John's a fighter and he wouldn't let them pull any crap when they attempted to offer me sub par parts, he demanded I receive the best parts not the low-cost substitutes.The quality of his work is without question quality! My paint in fact matches all over (my past experience has actually been close matches, missing out on paint in areas where taping was done incorrectly) frequently it's a shade off however that's not something that John will allow he wants whatever right he desires his customers extremely delighted and it reveals in the method he handles the insurance individuals, in the way he dealt with my claim, in the method he was identified I would more than happy. If you ever find your self in requirement of an actually excellent autobody don't be reluctant do not lose your time going somewhere else just go to John and put your automobile in his hands he'll make certain you are pleased. If I could have provided him 10 stars or 15 stars I would have, however YELP just allows five stars for outstanding service !!! Trust me- much better yet, trust John !!



He quickly agreed and I provided him to come along to get estimates with me so the procedure would go efficiently. He went back and forth in English, and I clued in that he was trying to make me look like I was going to rip them off! He started to belittle me, came off as EXTREMELY impolite, told them he's "going check here to shut me up" and that he was Auto Body Shop "not on more info my side". It's like going to the dental expert ... oops, you understand you'll come out with a lighter wallet. If you ever find your self in need of a really great autobody don't be reluctant do not lose your time going someplace else just go to John and put your car in his hands he'll make sure you are pleased.

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